Many years ago, I was very active in Rottweiler rescue – as in rescuing abused or neglected Rottweilers.  At the time, I had an email at work and the main use I could envision for an additional email account was communicating with other rescuers.  Since Amanda123 was taken and I had by then come to terms with my geekiness,  I decided to blend two of my favorite interests into one handle:  rottengeek.

Being mostly lazy, I didn’t want to have to keep track of more than 2 accounts, so when I started consulting and left clients or participated in forums I just used rottengeek.  I’ve since been told by more than one person that it is not the most professional name, but if I were to change it the identity crisis would overwhelm me.

RottenSQL just seemed like the obvious title for my blog.

There are many, many ways to participate with a rescue group – from just driving a Rottie to his or her forever home, donating money or supplies to becoming an active member. If you are interested in participating in Rottie Rescue, or would like to adopt, here are some sites:

Closest to my heart, as I was a board member for many years:

Another group I’ve worked with in the past:

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